Beat Luginbühl​

Beat Luginbuhl, is a Swiss jeweler and founder of Galeria Aymara in Quito in 1996. During the economical and political crisis in Ecuador, he came up with the great idea of opening the Art Gallery in  Galapagos-Puerto Ayora in 2001 wich had to be closed in March 2020 due Covid 19.

 He reopened his Gallery in December 2020, under
the new name “AYMARA ART & JEWELRY” in Puerto Ayora to keep offering the best an exclusive art from South America to his clients.

Beat has been working with exeptional artists
for over 20 years, sharing ideas, creating new collections and redesingning some of them. This gallery includes something new:        his workshop, if you come, you will see himself working his unique pieces of jewelry with his tools.

Beat´s Jewelry is the result of the artist´s
effort to display his designs in a most exclusive manner, where each piece can be admired in a setting that is also a work of art.

He´s inspiration comes from “SITUATIONS”, more
than people or nature. For his pieces he uses yellow gold and silver, but he prefres working his exclusive pieces with yellow gold 18kt and several precious stones. His designs are abstracts and uses simple lines.

 You can find his exclusives pieces in this web
site in the Jewelry-Gold Jewelry section


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Ecuador /Galapagos – Santa Cruz
Postal Code: 200350
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Phone number: +593 52526868
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